Names of NCCC Players who lost their lives.

Former Players Who Served in The First World War

One hundred years ago in 1914 young men and boys joined various military units and headed overseas to serve in World War One. This exodus of young people is reflected in the Nairn County Cricket Club Minute books where there is no record of any cricket activities between 1915 and 1918. The Club Minute Books of 1914 and 1919 record former members of the club doing their ‘bit’ for their Country. The names of players are noted in alphabetical order.

List of NCCC Players involved in the war

Those Who Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice





J. Duncan


Orival Wood Cemetery, Flesquiere

Seaforth Highlanders

R. A. MacDonald


Dalchriechart Old Churchyard

Canadian Army Veterinary Corp

A. Reid



Scots Guards

W. J. Reid


Senlis French National Cemetery

Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

D. Sinclair


Helles Memorial

Manchester Regiment

G. L. Whitelaw


Nairn Cemetery

Household Battalion

R. H. L. Whitelaw


ST. Sever Cemetery (Rouen)

Household Battalion

W. A. Whitelaw


Edinburgh (Liberton) Cemetery

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

NCCC Imperial War Museum Community

A Nairn County Cricket Club ‘Community’ has been set up within the Imperial War Museum web site ‘Lives of the First World War’. Extracts from the Club Minute Books have been uploaded as part of the evidence for remembering the former players of the cricket club who served in the First World War.

We will remember them.


1919 Minute Book Extract Season 1919.
The Annual General Business Meeting
held in Cruden's Hotel
on the 25th March 1919.

The Meeting.

Mr Warren who acted as Chairman spoke at some length as to the importance of the survival of cricket in Nairn as the game had been discontinued since the outbreak of war in 1914, continuing Mr Warren said that those who had fallen must be remembered and asked the meeting to stand for a minute and thus honour those who made the supreme sacrifice.